Broken Frontier

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Broken Frontier
Type of site
comic book
Available in English
Owner Frederik Hautain
Editor Frederik Hautain
Registration Yes
Launched 2002; 15 years ago (2002)

Broken Frontier is a web-magazine[1] which publishes news, interviews, and essays about the American comic book industry. It was founded by Editor-in-Chief Frederik Hautain in 2002.

Acquisition by Platinum Studios[edit]

In 2006, Broken Frontier was purchased by the multimedia entertainment company and comics publisher Platinum Studios[2] as part of an initiative to increase Platinum's Web presence. Broken Frontier was a fully owned subsidiary of Platinum at this time, but was given the autonomy to continue operating as before. However, in July 2007, Platinum terminated its association with Broken Frontier,[3][4] leaving the site independently owned once again.

The Frontiersman: Digital Comics Magazine[edit]

In 2010, Broken Frontier launched The Frontiersman,[5][6] a companion to the Broken Frontier website.


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