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Not to be confused with Broken News.

Broken Newz is a news satire website launched in 2001 by Bill Doty. Its real news look has often fooled readers into believing the validity of the site's content.[citation needed] An example of this was a story regarding William Hung overdosing on Heroin, which was reported by the China Press as fact.[citation needed]

The site features a variety of sections such as Politics, World News and Entertainment. Some of its more popular features have been the Olsen Twins Countdown, California Governor Deck of Cards and Gay test. The site is often featured on Broken Newz is a founding member of HumorFeed, a community of news satire webmasters. Broken Newz is also responsible for the rebirth of the Neowhig Party which proudly campaigned as "The Smart Party, For Smart People...and you".[citation needed]

The website relaunched in 2011 (exactly 10 years after its initial launch) focusing on Social Media and Technology humor.

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