Broken Path

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Broken Path
Broken Path.jpg
Broken Path Poster
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
Produced by Shlomo May-Zur
Starring Johnny Yong Bosch
Daniel Southworth
Pamela Walworth
Music by Cody Westheimer
Cinematography Clint Childers
Edited by Jochen Fitzherbert
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Broken Path/Broken Fist/Attack Of The Yakuza is a martial arts action film starring Power Rangers alumni Johnny Yong Bosch and Daniel Southworth. The film is directed by Koichi Sakamoto with the help of his Alpha Stunts Team. Mill Creek Entertainment announced the movie on DVD.


On an isolated ranch in the desert, one man must protect his wife from a secret past that he is now forced to confront. With the sun towering in the sky overhead, the ranch sits beneath the vast blue, isolated amidst the arid terrain. Though life is certainly evident as a house warming party ensues. Still under renovation, scaffolding and tools are strewn across the ranch, while benches and tables and are set up for the food and beverages. The neighbors chat amongst themselves as the hosts - Jack (Johnny Yong Bosch) and Lisa (Pamela Walworth) - hustle about to keep them entertained. As the evening creeps over the scene, the crowd disperses, and Maddy - the couple's daughter - prepares to leave for her first summer camp. By nightfall, they find themselves alone, the guests gone, Maddy on her way on the road, and the ranch left once again in the quiet. As Jack and Lisa prepare themselves for a summer of settling and renovating, they soon find themselves swept up into a storm of confusion and terror, as a group of ruthless, masked strangers descend upon their home. With the vicious group attacking relentlessly, Lisa watches as her husband reveals an impressive ability to defend and counteract the attack. As they are chased within their own home, struggling to survive, Lisa begins to question her husband, his past, his knowledge and his familiarity with one of their assailants who claims he wants to help them. With their hopeful new life quickly crumbling before their very eyes, the two must not only fight to survive, but also fight to save their own relationship and trust in one another in a whirlwind of action and chaos that stems from Jack's hidden past.


  • Johnny Yong Bosch: Jack Ellis/Hiroki
  • Daniel Southworth: Yoshi
  • Pamela Walworth: Lisa Ellis
  • Jodie Moore: Father
  • Motoko Nagino: Sakura
  • Tadahiro Nakamura: Yukio
  • Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom: Haru
  • Cheryl Toma Sanders: Mother
  • Sonny Sison: Jiro
  • Lanie Taylor: Maddy

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