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Broken bridge, as the name suggests, is a bridge to nowhere, located in Chennai, South India. During the year 1977, the bridge partly collapsed due to strong currents of the river, and has never been repaired. The bridge spans across the Adyar estuary, bordering the backend of the Theosophical Society. It was built to facilitate the movement of fishermen from Santhome beach to Elliot's beach over the mouth of the Adyar river. The broken bridge that once helped the fishermen in their livelihood and topped the list of popular shooting locations has now become a bachelor hangout.

The Bridge has become a popular spot to view the sunrise and has been attracting youth. The area is generally considered unsafe after dark due to lack of lighting and road access. However, this place is one of the few places from where the untampered beauty of Chennai can be relished.


The bridge was built in 1967. It cuts across the Adyar River mouth to connect the fishermen hamlets on the Adyar side to that of Srinivasapuram on the other side. Fishermen who worked at the harbour would then take their tricycles and rickshaws across the bridge. The narrow bridge had also facilitated movement of four wheelers, but only one vehicle at a time. Fisherfolks harvested fish here when the river was unpolluted. They were prosperous. Prawns and crab were in abundance as they used to breed in the river mouth. Worms used for fishing were also available then near the banks of the river. After the bridge collapsed during 1977, people had to go around the city to reach harbour for work. The utility of the bridge would have gone but the charm remained. It continued to be a sought-after shooting location.[1]

In popular culture[edit]

The bridge overseeing the Adyar estuary has always been a place of scenic beauty. And it was for this reason that it turned out to be a popular shooting spot. Many stars of tamil film industry had come here for a shoot; the list includes MGR, Ajith, Vijay, Suriya and R. Madhavan. The bridge has featured in films like Vaali and Aaytha Ezhuthu.[1]

Panoramic view of the broken bridge
A view of Adayar estuary from the broken bridge

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