Bromine Science and Environmental Forum

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Bromine Science and Environmental Forum
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  • Brussels, Belgium

The Bromine Science and Environmental Forum (or BSEF) is a trade association of companies in the brominated flame retardant (BFR) industry that was established in 1997.[1]

Its members are:

BSEF was founded by its members to:[2]

  • Commission independent scientists to evaluate and carry out research on brominated flame retardants (BFRs).
  • Inform decision-makers and other stakeholders on the results of this science.
  • Represent the bromine industry on issues of environment and human health.

Since the 1950s brominated flame retardants have been incorporated in a significant range of materials to slow down the spread of fire and reducing the risk of fires in everyday products such as electronics, clothes and furniture,[3][4][5] Due to increased discussions surrounding this group of chemicals, the producers of brominated flame retardants formed the Brominated Science and Environmental Forum (BSEF) in order to represent the bromine industry. Today, BSEF focuses on global environmental and health issues, advocacy and the communication efforts of the bromine industry whilst commissioning science on brominated flame retardants.


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