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Bromley Civic Society is a civic society established in 2007 for the historic centre of Bromley, England. It replaced the Heart of Bromley Residents' Association (HOBRA) which had previously represented local views. It is a founder founder members of Civic Voice.

Lady and Gentleman, in 19th Century dress, consulting pieces of paper, in front of a Georgian building.
Guided walk around the Bishops Palace, Bromley, in May 2017

The society promotes local heritage with popular guided walks, especially celebrating HG Wells day and around the Bishops Palace.

The society presents resident viewpoints as issues arise from high rise developments proposed by the London Borough of Bromley. These schemes are due to the pressure that Bromley borough is under to provide 1100 dwellings a year, in order to fulfil obligations under the Mayor of London's housing plans.


The Society pursues the following objectives, for the public benefit in Bromley Town Centre and environs:-

  • To promote high standards of planning, design and architecture
  • To educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture
  • To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest


There have been many campaigns in attempts to preserve the conservation area, and limit damage to the town heritage, these are some:

Churchill Quarter (2018-ongoing)

Development constructing 6 or 8 towers, up to 15-storeys. The scheme includes compulsory purchase of 40 dwellings in a close next to the town centre and originally the removal of a cedar tree as it built on part of a public park: [1] .

Lower Town Centre Master Plan (2018-ongoing)

Publicising the society's opposition to Bromley Borough Council's 2018 Masterplan. This proposal is to transform the southern town centre by building over 24 high-rise blocks of flats down the side of the high street and over Bromley South Station: [2].

Planning Applications

The Society makes representations on any planning application which it feels would affect central Bromley.


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