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Bromley Civic Society is a civic society established in 2007 for the historic centre of Bromley, England. It replaced the Heart of Bromley Residents' Association (HOBRA) which had previously represented local views.


The Society seeks:

  • To encourage people to take greater interest in central Bromley.
  • To provide an opportunity for informed discussion and increasing awareness of the principles and objectives of development and conservation within the area.
  • To ensure that officials and members of government at all levels are aware of the importance of Bromley Town Centre as a historic place and a living place.
  • To promote high standards of planning and design in the area.
  • To secure the preservation or enhancement of those features that contribute to the special character of the area.
  • To press for improvements to the public realm.

To help meet these objectives the society has organised local activities.[1]


Campaigning to date has mainly been on town planning matters:

Bromley Town Centre Area Action Plan

Society volunteers have been providing detailed scrutiny and written representations on the Area Action Plan for central Bromley prepared by the London Borough of Bromley (Bromley Council).

Advisory Panel for Conservation Areas

A Society representative sits on Bromley Council's Advisory Panel for Conservation Areas which gives advice on planning proposals affecting conservation areas.

Planning Applications

The Society makes representations on any planning application which it feels would affect central Bromley.


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