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The name Brompton is today mainly associated with locations and businesses, and less so as an actual surname.[citation needed] Given the large number of places with the name, it is oddly surprising that it is so uncommon to come across a "Brompton."

Examples of place names include "Potter Brompton" in East Yorkshire, "Patrick Brompton", "Brompton on Swale", as well as just "Brompton" on its own, all in North Yorkshire, "Ralph Brompton" in Somerset, "Brompton" in Middlesex and Shropshire.[1]

Brompton can be traced back to the 7th century phrase "Brom-ton," meaning "Broom Village,"[citation needed] which seems to suggest that Brompton originated as a placename, before it became a surname. The earliest example of Brompton used as a surname was found in the Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire in the year 1205, which mentions Geoffry de Brunton.[citation needed] After this entry, another example is found over a hundred years later in the Devonshire County Letter Books for 1312, a William de Bromptone.[citation needed]

Notable people[edit]

People with the surname Brompton include: