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Not to be confused with Old Brompton Road.
Brompton Road
Brompton Road, looking east.

Brompton Road is a street in Knightsbridge, London, mainly in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,[1] but between Knightsbridge and Montpelier Street, only the south side is in Kensington and Chelsea; the north side here is in the City of Westminster, and the boundary follows the road.[2]

It starts from Knightsbridge tube station and runs south-west through an extremely wealthy residential area until it reaches Egerton Gardens and the area to the east of South Kensington tube station. It ends at what is popularly known as Brompton Cross, becoming Fulham Road, home of Chelsea Football Club.

There are 5-star hotels and many top restaurants and shops along the road. One of the most famous department stores in the world, Harrods, is located near the eastern end. Another major landmark along the road is the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, commonly known as the Brompton Oratory. The Embassy of Uruguay is located at no. 150.[3]

Brompton Road tube station was halfway between Knightsbridge tube station and South Kensington tube station on the Piccadilly line, just east of the Brompton Oratory. It closed on 30 July 1934 due to a lack of traffic.

Brompton Road is sometimes confused with Old Brompton Road which lies further to the west in South Kensington.

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