Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts

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Neptune, by the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts, 1911.
Main gate of Buckingham Palace with royal coat of arms

The Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts (1898–1966) was a company of modern artists and designers associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement, founded by Walter Gilbert. The guild worked in metal, wood, plaster, bronze, tapestry, glass and other mediums. [1]

The Guild received a Royal Warrant in 1908. [2]

The Guild's most famous works on public display are the main gates of Buckingham Palace and the Canada Gate both part of Sir Aston Webb's memorial scheme to Queen Victoria.[3]

Unlike many other Arts & Crafts companies that faded away after a few decades, for instance the William Morris company, the Bromsgrove Guild survived until the early 1960s.

Famous works[edit]