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Bron Elektronik AG
Industry Digital Imaging
Founded Allschwil, Switzerland
Headquarters Allschwil, Switzerland
Area served
Products flashlight system, monolight, daylight systems, Flash (photography) equipment.

Bron Elektronik is a manufacturer of flash equipment for photography. It is located in Allschwil in Switzerland. Bron manufactures the Broncolor lines of strobes. The Broncolor line includes studio systems with separate power packs and heads, as well as monolights Both lines include light modifiers.[1] The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography describes Broncolor as "the leading Swiss manufacturer" of generator flash systems.[2]

The flagship of the Broncolor line is the Scoro S 3200. Columnist Dan Havlik subjected this power-pack system to an in-depth review in Photo District News.[3] The Scoro Line garnered the 2009 Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) award for Best Studio Generator.[4]

Broncolor Primo Power Pack
Broncolor Primo Power Pack
Broncolor Para 222 Reflector

Broncolor's Para line of parabolic light reflectors have become a leading item for the company. Compatible with flash, and HMI lamps, the Paras range from 88CM to 330CM.[5]

In the United States, Broncolor is distributed and supported by Hasselblad Bron Incorporated, which also supports Hasselblad, Kobold HMI (as Broncolor HMI), Foba, and California Sunbounce.

Broncolor trolley case
Broncolor honey combs


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