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Bronco Tatonka is an Orange County based progressive hardcore/punk band spawned in early 1999. Original members Michael (vocals), Sam(percussion), Rachel (guitar), and Robert (bass) founded the band in Anaheim, CA. The band released a 3-song DEMO that was DIY and never released or distributed widely. With life getting in the way and Sam and Rachel left the band by 2003 to pursue personal ventures.

In 2004 the addition of new Guitarist(Louis) and Drummer(Danny) paved the way for what is Bronco Tatonka today. In 2006 the full length self-titled was released under Kluck Kluck Records and distributed locally. The members have since dabbled in many projects and still play infrequent shows today. New material is slowly produced with a vinyl release expected sometime 2011.

Mike and Louis created Tablefruit as an outlet for the more obscure crowd. Robert was part of the punk rock sensation "City Scum" as well as a temporary appearance with "The Discreet Doll Band". Friends of the band created the DIY label Rich Bitch Records and started releasing vinyl in 2004. Mike and Louis released the 4 song Bobby Nobbit/Tablefruit vinyl in 2009 under Rich Bitch Records. They also played a big role in the Outsleezed Fest, which is a yearly punk rock/metal festival based out of RENO Nevada which is still holding strong.

Today, Bronco Tatonka has very much slowed the progression of the band but still agrees to play shows. Mike and Louis are busy with their new project "Feeding People", a garage/Psych Rock group with amazing potential.