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Location 2104 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, Ontario
Coordinates 43°25′02″N 79°43′20″W / 43.41722°N 79.72222°W / 43.41722; -79.72222Coordinates: 43°25′02″N 79°43′20″W / 43.41722°N 79.72222°W / 43.41722; -79.72222
Owned by Metrolinx
Platforms 1 side and 1 island platform
Tracks 3
Bus stands 8
Bus operators BSicon BUS1.svg Oakville Transit
Structure type Station building
Parking 2,424 spaces
Bicycle facilities racks and shelters
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code GO Transit: BTGO
Fare zone 14
Preceding station   GO Transit logo.svg GO Transit   Following station
toward Aldershot or Hamilton
Lakeshore West

Bronte GO Station is a train station in the GO Transit network located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It is a stop on the Lakeshore West line and there is an adjacent bus loop for connecting local Oakville Transit bus routes.

In September 2008 the station parking lot was expanded[1] with a new entrance on Wyecroft Road. In January 2011, approximately 175 spaces were made available in the south lot which can be entered from Speers Road. When the project is completed the south lot will provide 300 parking spaces, with stairs and ramps to the platforms.[2]

Bronte Station Master Plan was completed in 2013, with key recommendations to be coordinated with ongoing improvements.[3] This includes considering extending the east tunnel to the south side of the tracks to a relocated bus loop or improve existing west tunnel connections to the existing loop and add more bus bays.[4] Improvements already started, that are expected to be complete by spring 2016, include repaving the south parking lot and the addition of 200 new spaces as well as upgrades to platform canopies and shelters.[5]


Historic GTR building was the original site of the GO Station

The first Bronte railway station was built around 1900 by the Grand Trunk Railway,[6][7] on the south side of the tracks just east of Bronte Road, about 1.5 kilometres west from the current site.[8]

GO Transit began operating the Lakeshore line on May 23, 1967, providing only rush hour service beyond Oakville. When the GO Station was relocated, in November 1967, it had been given the name Oakville West[9] to distinguish it from the original station. Subsequently, the historic name was restored for the community of Bronte where the station is located, in the west end of Oakville.

Connecting bus routes[edit]

Oakville Transit
  • 3 Third Line
  • 4 Speers-Cornwall
  • 6 Upper Middle
  • 10 West Industrial
  • 13 Westoak Trails
  • 18 Glen Abbey South
  • 28 Glen Abbey North
  • 33 Palermo
  • 34 Pine Glen


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