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BronxNet is a Public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable tv network in The Bronx, New York, airing on multiple Cablevision and Verizon FiOS channels.[1] BronxNet is located on the campus of Lehman College.[2]

BronxNet produces some original programming, notably Bronx Flavor,[3] a food-oriented comedy series which focuses on ethnic cuisine and restaurants in the borough.

Bronxnet is a not-for-profit organization that was created under a joint agreement between Cablevision of New York City and the City of New York. The channel provides training for local residents of the Bronx, as well as students who attend a school located in the Bronx. The television production training is available four times a year. The station just produced its 900th episode in late October.

The various channels offer different types of programming such as original local issue programs, shows produced by local residents highlighting local arts and artists, foreign language programs produced by local residents and programs produced by local churches.


The Executive Director is Michael Max Knobbe, who has held that position since 2002. The Director of Development and Training is Audrey Duncan, who has worked for the station since 1993. The Chief of Engineering is Keith Brown. The Creative Services Director is Marisa White. The Director of IT and Broadcast Technology is Carl Peters. The Director of Finance and Business Affairs is Philip Lane. The Traffic Manager is Bernardo Moronta, who manages the programming department. The Senior Editor is Michael Thrower.


Open 2.0 is a show produced, written and hosted by participating Bronx high school students in a magazine style. The show covers issues pertaining to a younger audience.

Bronx Live! is an award-winning show in the style of a monthly series that showcases performing artists, musicians, singers and art institutions. It has been on the air since September 1995.

Bronx Currents is a show that broadcasts local meetings pertaining to the community, such as debates, seminars and town meetings. There are also occasional documentaries highlighting individuals from the neighborhood, either from politics, sports or the community.

BronxTalk is a talk show hosted by Gary Axelbank that is focused on local happenings, crime, economic development and education. Axelbank has guests on the show frequently to help explain issues to the Bronx community.

Bronxnet Sports is a sports show that brings live coverage, highlights and analysis for local high school and college sports teams.

Bronx Journal is another issue-related talk show, hosted by Miguel Perez, which has a more national and international basis, while still catering to the local community.

Bronx Flavor is an Emmy-nominated show with Justin Bornal, who plays the fictional character Baron Ambrosia, in which Ambrosia takes the audience through the Bronx and highlights a small family-owned restaurant and its food, while keeping a comedic tone and giving history and background on the food of choice.

Art and About is a show with Daniel Hauben where he takes the viewer on a process to show how to create art in the world.


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