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Map of community districts in the City of New York

Community boards of the Bronx[1] are the 12 New York City community boards in the borough of the Bronx, which are the appointed advisory groups of the community districts that advise on land use and zoning, participate in the city budget process, and address service delivery in their district.[2]

Community boards are each composed of up to 50 volunteer members appointed by the Bronx borough president, half from nominations by City Council members representing the community district (i.e., whose council districts cover part of the community district).[3][4] Additionally, all City Council members representing the community district are non-voting, ex officio board members.[4]


The 1963 revision of the New York City Charter extended the Borough of Manhattan's "Community Planning Councils" (est. 1951) to the outer boroughs as "Community Planning Boards", which are now known as "Community Boards".[5][6]

The 1975 revision of the New York City Charter set the number of Community Districts/Boards to 59, established the position of the district manager for the community districts, and created the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) which gave the community boards the authority to review land use proposals such as zoning actions, and special permits.[5]

Community Districts[edit]

Community Districts in the Bronx
Community District (CD) Region Area Pop.
Neighborhoods & areas District Manager[7] NYPD Precinct & commander
Bronx CD 1
South Bronx 7.17 km2 (2.77 sq mi) 91,497 12,761 Melrose, Mott Haven, Port Morris, and The Hub shopping district Vacant[8] 40th Robert M. Gallitelli
Bronx CD 2
South Bronx 5.54 km2 (2.14 sq mi) 52,246 9,792 Hunts Point, Longwood Rafael Acevedo 41st Jeremy Scheublin
Bronx CD 3
South Bronx 4.07 km2 (1.57 sq mi) 79,762 19,598 Claremont, Crotona Park East (East Morrisania), Morrisania John Dudley 42nd Carlos Ghonz
Bronx CD 4
West Bronx 5.28 km2 (2.04 sq mi) 146,441 27,735 Concourse (Concourse Village), Highbridge Paul Philps 44th Louis Deceglie
Bronx CD 5
West Bronx 3.55 km2 (1.37 sq mi) 128,200 36,145 Fordham (split with Bronx CD 7), Morris Heights, Mount Hope, University Heights, and Fordham Plaza shopping district Ken Brown 46th Richard Brea
Bronx CD 6
West Bronx 4.01 km2 (1.55 sq mi) 83,268 20,765 Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms John Sanchez 48th Joseph G. Tompkins
Bronx CD 7
West Bronx 4.84 km2 (1.87 sq mi) 139,286 28,778 Bedford Park, Jerome Park Kingsbridge, Norwood, University Heights, Fordham (split with Bronx CD 5) Ischia Bravo[9] 52nd Thomas J. Alps
Bronx CD 8
West Bronx 8.83 km2 (3.41 sq mi) 101,731 11,521 Fieldston, Kingsbridge, Kingsbridge Heights, Marble Hill (technically part of NY County), Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil, Van Cortlandt Village Ciara Gannon 50th Emilio Melendez
Bronx CD 9
East Bronx 12.41 km2 (4.79 sq mi) 172,298 13,884 Bronx River, Bruckner, Castle Hill, Clason Point, Harding Park, Parkchester, Soundview, Unionport William Rivera 43rd Benjamin D. Gurley
Bronx CD 10
East Bronx 16.76 km2 (6.47 sq mi) 120,392 7,183 City Island, Co-op City, Locust Point, Pelham Bay (neighborhood), Throggs Neck, Westchester Square Matthew Cruz 45th Thomas Fraser
Bronx CD 11
East Bronx 9.32 km2 (3.60 sq mi) 113,232[10] 12,149 Allerton, Bronxdale, Indian Village, Laconia, Morris Park, Pelham Gardens, Pelham Parkway (neighborhood), Van Nest[11][12] Jeremy Warneke 49th Andrew Natiw
Bronx CD 12
Primarily East Bronx 14.56 km2 (5.62 sq mi) 152,344 10,463 Baychester, Eastchester (and Edenwald), Fish Bay, Olinville, Wakefield, Williamsbridge, Woodlawn George Torres 47th Erik Hernandez
The Bronx All 110 km2 (42 sq mi) 1,455,720 (in 2016)[13] 13,233.8 East Bronx, West Bronx (including the South Bronx) Thomas Lucania,
Community Boards Unit Director[14]
Bronx Community Boards website
Borough Borough
President (B.P.)
Number of
Max. number of
all appointees
The Bronx Vanessa Gibson 12 600

The Bronx Borough Board[edit]

The Bronx Borough Board is composed of the borough president, New York City Council members whose districts are part of the borough, and the chairperson of each community board in the Bronx.[15][16][17]

The current borough board is composed of the 22 members listed in the table below:

The Bronx Borough Board
Area Title Member name[7] Notes
Bronx Community District 1 Chairperson Betty Bryant-Brown
Bronx Community District 2 Chairperson Roberto Crespo
Bronx Community District 3 Chairperson Gloria Alston
Bronx Community District 4 Chairperson Kathleen Saunders
Bronx Community District 5 Chairperson Bola Omotosho
Bronx Community District 6 Chairperson Evonne Capers
Bronx Community District 7 Chairperson Emmanuel Martinez
Bronx Community District 8 Chairperson Laura Spalter[18]
Bronx Community District 9 Chairperson Brandon Ganaishlal
Bronx Community District 10 Chairperson Joseph Russo
Bronx Community District 11 Chairperson Al D’Angelo
Bronx Community District 12 Chairperson William Hall
City Council District 8 Council member Diana Ayala Also a member of the Manhattan Borough Board
City Council District 11 Council member Eric Dinowitz
City Council District 12 Council member Kevin Riley
City Council District 13 Council member Marjorie Velázquez
City Council District 14 Council member Pierina Sanchez
City Council District 15 Council member Oswald Feliz
City Council District 16 Council member Althea Stevens
City Council District 17 Council member Rafael Salamanca
City Council District 18 Council member Amanda Farías
Borough of The Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson

Other areas[edit]

Bronx Community Districts - Joint Interest Areas (JIAs).

Within the borough of The Bronx there are three Joint Interest Areas (JIA), which are outside of the jurisdiction of individual community districts, and have their own district number.[19][20] The three JIAs in the county of The Bronx are:

Marble Hill, which is a part of New York County, is represented by Bronx Community District 8.

Rikers Island, while a part of The Bronx, is represented by Queens Community District 1.

Notable people[edit]

Notable people who were community board members and/or staffers prior to becoming elected officials:


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