Bronze Cross of Rhodesia

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Bronze Cross Of Rhodesia
Bronze Cross of Rhodesia and box of issue.jpg
The Bronze Cross Of Rhodesia (B.C.R.) in case of issue
Type Military decoration
Eligibility To members of the Rhodesian Army, Air Force, Armoured Car Regiment and Guard Force.
Awarded for "... gallantry."
Campaign(s) Rhodesian Bush War.
Status Hasn't been awarded since 1980.
Description Bronze Maltese Cross with a full face bronze lion on a white enamelled circle with black edge and bronze laurel wreath.
Clasps Bronze clasp awarded for second award. Only one clasp ever awarded.
Post-nominals B.C.R.
Established instituted in 1970
First awarded 1970
Last awarded 1980
Total awarded 131
Next (higher) Silver Cross of Rhodesia (for conspicuous gallantry)
Equivalent The Police Decoration for Gallantry (for gallantry)
Next (lower) Meritorious Conduct Medal (for brave and gallant conduct over and above the call of duty in a non-combatant capacity. The award may be awarded to both civilians and members of the Security Forces)

The Bronze Cross of Rhodesia was a Rhodesian military decoration for gallantry.


The award was instituted in 1970 by Presidential Warrant, the first awards being made the same year. The last awards were made in June 1980.


The medal was a bronze cross with an enamelled roundel in the centre bearing a lion's head, suspended from a ribbon. The ribbons of the Bronze Cross differed in colour according to the service in which the recipient was enlisted; thus Army awards had a red ribbon with three white stripes; Air Force awards a purple ribbon with stripes and Guard Force awards a brown ribbon with stripes. The medal was impressed in small capitals with the recipient's name on the reverse, and was awarded with a case of issue, miniature medal for wear, and an illuminated certificate.


A total of 131 awards of the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia were made,[1] seven posthumously. Notable recipients included the author Alan Thrush, SAS officer Grahame Wilson and air force officer Norman Walsh. Recipients are entitled to the post-nominal letters B.C.R.

Nigel Theron receives Bronze Cross 1976


The Bronze Cross of Rhodesia was superseded in October 1980[2] by the Bronze Cross of Zimbabwe, which is awarded for conspicuous bravery, and which is open for award to civilians as well as military personnel.


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