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Bronze Rat Records
Founded December 31st, 2005
Founder Andrew Zammit
Genre Torch Song Psychedelia, Death Jazz, Sci-fi, American't, Problem Songs, Voice Memos, Rock plus Roll, 100% Silk , Soundtrack.
Country of origin UK
Location Orifices in Berlin, Los Angeles and Caldey Island
Official website

Bronze Rat Records (aka Bronzerat) is an independent record label established in London in 2006 by Welsh musician and producer Andrew Zammit, and also encompasses subsidiary label Seriés Aphōnos.

Established in 2006 as an outlet for The Gemma Ray Ritual, Zammit’s band with long-term collaborator Gemma Ray, the label has since has gone on to release all of her solo records, as well as releases by other artists including Dutch experimentalist Solex, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Berlin instrumentalists The Still, and Joe Gideon.

It also serves as the main outlet in Europe for releases by iconic New York garage-blues-punk musician Jon Spencer including The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash and Boss Hog.

The label also had a short-lived stint working with the Seasick Steve, releasing his debut solo records in late 2006 and 2007.

Bronze Rat also has a publishing arm and publishes of the label roster as well as the music of Michael J Sheehy (including Miraculous Mule) and Gris-de-lin amongst others.

The Bronze Rat label’s logo was designed by the artist Rick Froberg.

Bronze Rat Discography[edit]

Heavy Trash[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
2009 Midnight Soul Serenade Bronze Rat Records

Seasick Steve[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
2006 Dog House Music Bronze Rat Records
2008 I Started Out With Nothin and i Still Got Most of it Left Warner Bros. Records/Bronze Rat Records
2009 Cheap (Limited Edition Vinyl) Bronze Rat Records

Gemma Ray[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
2006 Gemma Ray Ritual Bronze Rat Records
2008 Hard Shoulder (single) Bronze Rat Records
2008 The Leader (album) Bronze Rat Records
2009 Lights Out Zoltar! (album) Bronze Rat Records
2010 It's a shame about Gemma Ray (album) Bronze Rat Records
2012 Island Fire (album) Bronze Rat Records

Joe Gideon & The Shark[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
2008 Harum Scarum Bronze Rat Records
2008 DOL (single) Bronze Rat Records
2013 Freakish Bronze Rat Records

Joe Gideon & the Shark's track 'Anything You Love That Much, You Will See Again' was featured in Holby City.

To Arms Etc[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
2009 Corner Games Bronze Rat Records
2009 Misbelieving(single) Bronze Rat Records

Charles Campbell Jones[edit]

Year Title Other information Label
2006 Wasting The Duke Bronze Rat Records


Year Title Other information Label
2008 Trust Me Bronze Rat Records


Year Title Other information Label
2008 Congregation Bronze Rat Records
2008 Feel Like Crying (single) Bronze Rat Records


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