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Brood may refer to:

  • Brood, a collective term for offspring
  • Brooding, the incubation of bird eggs by their parents
  • Brood (honeybee), the young of a beehive
  • The Brood, a 1979 horror film directed by David Cronenberg
  • Brood (comics), an alien species from the Marvel Comics universe
  • The Brood, and The New Brood, WWF professional wrestling stables in 1999
  • The Brood (band), a crossover thrash band from Venice, California
  • The Brood (album), a 1984 album by Herman Brood
  • Broods, a New Zealand pop music duo
  • "The Brood", an episode of the television series of Exosquad
  • Elliott Brood, a death country band from Toronto
  • Brood, the dragon clan in Breath of Fire III
  • Individual broods of North American periodical cicadas:
    • Brood X, the largest brood, which emerges on a 17-year cycle
    • Brood XIII, a brood centered on Northern Illinois and its surrounding area, which also emerges on a 17-year cycle.
    • Brood XIX, a large brood in the Southern United States which emerges on a 13-year cycle

People with the surname[edit]

  • Herman Brood (1946-2001), Dutch musician, painter, actor, poet and media personality
  • Philippe Brood (1964-2000), Dutch politician

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