Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

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Brook Waimarama Sanctuary
Wildlife sanctuary
Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.jpg
Brook Waimarama Sanctuary
Location Nelson, New Zealand
Coordinates 41°18′55″S 173°17′30″E / 41.315185°S 173.291668°E / -41.315185; 173.291668
Area 715 hectares (1,770 acres)
Elevation 100m to just over 800m
Created 2004 (2004)
Operated by Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is a 715 hectare mainland “ecological island” sanctuary located in Nelson, New Zealand. The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust was established in 2004 with the intent of restoring the local populations of pre-European flora and fauna which have been ravaged by introduced mammalian predators. Invasion by introduced weeds also poses a threat. The sanctuary may also be used in the future as a site where endangered species such as the South Island kākā may be protected.[1] The sanctuary is open to the public and encourages visitors.

From inception a predator-proof fence had been planned with the intent of allowing complete eradication of the predator population (mammals) and the prevention of re-invasion. This predator-proof fence was completed in September 2016.[2] A trapping programme began in a small area in 2006 aimed at controlling possum, rat, mice, stoat and weasel populations, and has since extended to cover an area of approximately 300 hectares.[3]


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Coordinates: 41°18′43″S 173°17′33″E / 41.31194°S 173.29250°E / -41.31194; 173.29250

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