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Brooke Burfitt (born 23 December 1988) is an English actress and radio presenter.

Early years and family[edit]

Brooke Burfitt (aka Brooke Burfitt-Dons) is the daughter of Louise Burfitt-Dons who set up the children’s anti-bullying charity Act Against Bullying and Donald, a retired Qantas captain. She has an Economics and Business with East European Studies degree from University College London. She currently lives in Guernsey.


Burfitt appeared in On The Ropes, where she worked with Joe Egan. In Death[1] she was directed by Martin Gooch which won at the Feel Good Film Festival in 2012. She has also featured in the comedy Pulp and the movie Soft Touch.

In 2014, Brooke worked with BAFTA winning actor and film maker Stuart Brennan on a zombie apocalypse feature film 'Plan Z'[2] as supporting lead role, Irish girl Kate.

She now is the director of a film production company 'Triventure Films Ltd' [3]


Brooke hosted her first radio show at university with Rare FM interviewing celebrity guests such as Johnny Rotten Cheeky Girls and Hayley Westenra. She produced and presented ‘The Brooke & Ed Show’ for Roundhouse Radio[4] in Chalk Farm and ON FM in Hammersmith. Brooke hosted a weekday Breakfast show at Hayes FM, before moving on to produce at LBC, where she was a travel reporter and producer. She has worked on shows for Iain Dale, Nick Ferrari, Julia Hartley-Brewer and James O'Brien for the national talk radio station. On the weekends, she did host the Breakfast Show at Jemm One.[5] In May 2014 Brooke left LBC and Jemm One, as she decided to spend more time with her future Husband Rhys Williams in Guernsey and is now regular contributor to BBC Guernsey.


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