Brooklee Han

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Brooklee Han
2013 Nebelhorn Trophy Brooklee Han IMG 7451.JPG
Brooklee Han at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy
Personal information
Country represented Australia
Born (1995-07-06) July 6, 1995 (age 22)
Beverly, Massachusetts, United States
Home town Redding, Connecticut, United States
Height 150 cm (4 ft 11 in)
Coach Peter Cain, Darlene Cain
Former coach Serhii Vaypan
Choreographer Serhii Vaypan, Rohene Ward
Skating club Stars FSC of Texas
Ice House FSC
Melbourne IFSC
Training locations Euless, Texas
Former training locations Connecticut
Began skating 2000
ISU personal best scores
Combined total 161.11
2017 CS Finlandia Trophy
Short program 57.65
2017 CS Autumn Classic
Free skate 105.71
2017 CS Finlandia Trophy

Brooklee Han (born July 6, 1995) is an Australian-American figure skater. In the 2013–14 season, she won the Australian national title and competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Personal life[edit]

Brooklee Han was born in Beverly, Massachusetts.[1][2] In 2013, she graduated from Joel Barlow High School in Redding, Connecticut.[2][3] Later that year, she became a part-time student at Wesleyan University.[4] She studied international relations and German before taking a leave of absence in 2016 in order to train in Texas.[5] Her father is Australian.[6]

Born to parents who were both equestrians, Han has also competed in dressage and eventing.[7] She began playing the violin at age five.[7] She started a community orchestra in her town and volunteers teaching violin to grade school students.

Skating career[edit]

Brooklee Han began skating at age five in Brewster, New York.[6] Serhii Vaypan became her coach in 2007.[6] Han has trained at the Newington Arena in Newington, Connecticut, the International Skating Center of Connecticut in Simsbury, Connecticut, and Medibank Icehouse in Melbourne, Victoria.[7]

The 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy was the qualifying competition for the 2014 Winter Olympics for countries which had not qualified an entry in a figure skating discipline at the 2013 Worlds. In August 2013, Australian skater Chantelle Kerry argued before the Australian Court of Arbitration for Sport that Han should not compete at Nebelhorn Trophy because she did not compete at the inaugural Skate Down Under competition, which was used as the Australian qualification event to select skaters for the Nebelhorn Trophy. That claim was rejected and Han was selected to compete.[8][9] Han finished fifth at the Nebelhorn Trophy and, as a result of her placement, Australia received one of the six remaining ladies' spots to the Olympics.[10]

The dispute over the Olympic berth continued with claims that Han became ineligible after competing at a club event in America without the approval of the national federation. The Court of Arbitration for Sport heard the case in December 2013.[8][9] Despite the court ruling that Han's participation could have led to her becoming ineligible, previous communications between the skater and Ice Skating Australia (ISA) showed that ISA had no objections to her competing in the event. The claim was ultimately rejected and Han was confirmed as Australia's ladies' representative at the Olympics.[11] Han later finished 20th at the Olympics and 19th at the 2014 World Championships.

On June 27, 2014, Han was selected to compete at the 2014 Skate America, the first of six competitions in the 2014–15 Grand Prix series. After another skater withdrew, she was given a spot to the 2014 Skate Canada International. Han finished in 10th and 8th place, respectively.

In August 2016, Han relocated to Euless, Texas, to be coached by Peter Cain and Darlene Cain.[5]


Season Short program Free skating
  • Por una Cabeza
    by Carlos Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera
    choreo. by Evgeni Nemirovski

  • Day of Wrath
    by Bogdan Ota
  • Dans la maison
    by Philippe Rombi
    choreo. by Serhii Vaypan
  • Secret
    by Jay Chou
  • Freedom
    by Michael Smith
  • Titanic Symphony
    by Richard Clayderman
  • Take Five
    by Dave Brubeck
  • Unsquare Dance
    by Dave Brubeck
  • When My Mother Sings
    by Richard Clayderman, James Last

Competitive highlights[edit]

GP: Grand Prix; CS: Challenger Series; JGP: Junior Grand Prix

Event 10–11 11–12 12–13 13–14 14–15 15–16 16–17 17–18
Olympics 20th
Worlds 21st 19th 35th
Four Continents 12th 14th 17th 17th 14th 14th
GP Bompard 10th
GP Skate America 10th
GP Skate Canada 8th
CS Autumn Classic 7th
CS DS Cup 6th
CS Finlandia 8th
CS Nebelhorn 4th 7th 11th
CS U.S. Classic 6th 10th 7th
Merano Cup 3rd
Nebelhorn Trophy 8th 5th
Triglav Trophy 6th 1st
Volvo Open Cup 1st
International: Junior[20]
Junior Worlds 21st 30th 16th
JGP Australia 8th
JGP Czech Rep. 11th
JGP Germany 17th
JGP Italy 13th
JGP Mexico 8th
JGP Turkey 12th
JGP U.K. 10th
Bavarian Open 2nd J
Australian Champ. 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
J = Junior level; WD = Withdrew


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