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Brooklyn is a borough of New York City.

Brooklyn may also refer to:


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  • Mary J. Blige, singer who uses the moniker "Brook Lynn" when rapping
  • Tony Danza, his nicknames have included "Brooklyn Tony Danza", "The Brooklyn Brawler", and "The Brooklyn Bomber"


In sports[edit]

  • "Brooklyn", a term used in ten-pin bowling to describe a hit in the pocket opposite (left [pins 1,2] for right-handers, right [pins 1,3] for left-handers) from the one that is attempted
  • Brooklyn (cycling team), an Italian professional cycling team that existed from 1970 to 1977
  • Brooklyn Dodgers, Major League Baseball team that became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC), an American football team that played from 1946-1949
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL), an American football team that played from 1930-1944
  • Brooklyn Horsemen, members of the first American Football League that merged with the Brooklyn Lions of the National Football League in 1926
  • Brooklyn Lions
  • Brooklyn Nets, a professional basketball team in the NBA
  • Brooklyn Tigers, members of the second American Football League who moved to Rochester, New York, in 1936 and became the Rochester Tigers

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