Brooklyn Chinese-American Association

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Brooklyn Chinese-American Association
布 祿 崙 華 人 協 會
Brooklyn Chinese-American Association Headquarters.png
Abbreviation BCA
Formation 1988
Type CBO
Headquarters 5000 8th Avenue
Region served
Official language
English and Chinese
Paul P Mak

The Brooklyn Chinese-American Association or BCA (traditional Chinese: 布祿崙華人協會; simplified Chinese: 布禄仑华人协会; pinyin: Bùlùlún Huárén Xiéhuì; Jyutping: Bou3luk6leon4 Waa4jan4 Hip3wui6) is a non-profit organization established in 1988 in response to the growing needs of the Asian-American population and the Brooklyn Chinatowns located in the Sunset Park, Borough Park, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, and Sheepshead Bay areas of Brooklyn, New York City.[1]

Programs and services[edit]

  • Social Services – BCA offers counseling, advocacy, assistance and case management services to assist clients to apply for government entitlements, housing, food stamps, etc. BCA also conducts weekly government outstation programs, enabling clients to be interviewed for Social Security, SSI, Medicare, and Family Health Plus application assistance.
  • Senior Citizen Services – BCA provides senior citizens with places to meet and socialize. BCA offers congregate meals, medical screenings, monthly birthday celebration parties, field trips as well as ESL, computer, singing, and dance classes.
  • Early Childhood Educational Programs – BCA provides comprehensive early childhood education programs for children between the ages of 2 to 5 through the ACS, Head Start and Universal Pre-Kindergarten programs with the overall goal of improving their intellectual and social development. The ACS and Head Start programs address the child care needs of hundreds of low-income and working immigrant families by providing free or affordable full day child care services.
  • Youth Services – BCA offers after school programs at five sites and provides participants with counseling, leadership training, cultural and recreational activities, homework assistance and field trips. BCA also implements summer day camps at seven sites across southern Brooklyn to serve more than 2,000 students each year. Furthermore, BCA operates a Chinese Cultural School to provide instruction in Chinese language and culture. The current enrollment exceeds 400 students.
  • Adult Educational Programs – BCA offers free ESL and Adult Basic Education classes to the Brooklyn community.
  • Crime Prevention and Victims Assistance – BCA provide assistance in obtaining compensation from the NYS Crime Victims Board and provide emergency services, counseling and accompaniment to police precincts, the DA's office, and court appearances.[2]
  • Naturalization Services – BCA offers free and specialized services to assist individuals to become naturalized, including application assistance, application management and legal consultation and assistance.
  • Community Economic Development Projects – BCA initiate and organize community economic development as well as neighborhood revitalization projects such as the annual Chinese New Year Parade, Millennial Round Table party, community clean-up day campaign, and community town hall meetings.[3]


Bca8ave.jpg Image not available Bca50108ave.jpg Bca5458ave.jpg
BCA Headquarter BCA Day Care Center Sunset Park Senior Center Early Childhood Education Center
5000 8th Avenue 5002 8th Avenue 5010 8th Avenue 812 54th Street
Bca50078ave.jpg Bca6ave.jpg Bca20ave.jpg Bcaaveu.jpg
Community Activity Center Sixth Avenue Senior Center Bensonhurst Senior Center Avenue U Senior Center
5007 7th Avenue 545 6th Avenue 6809 20th Avenue 2072 East 15th Street


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