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Brooklyn Public Network (comprising Brooklyn Free Speech and BRIC TV) is the Public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable television network in Brooklyn, New York City, operated owned by BRIC. Brooklyn Public Network has five channels on the Time Warner, Cablevision, RCN and Verizon FiOS cable networks, which broadcast community developed television programming. BRIC also operates the BRIC Media Center, a community media facility that provides Brooklyn residents with a broad range of media services and support resources. It is also home to BRIC Media Education.

History and overview[edit]

Brooklyn Public Network was developed by Thomas F. Tafuto of Applied Imagination Inc. and launched on July 1, 1991 (originally named Brooklyn Community Access Television 'BCAT'), as a 24-hour community calendar of non-commercial events and services for Brooklyn residents.[1] Programming of this nature is still allocated in the BCAT TV Network's lineup on the Brooklyn Bulletin Board (see channel listings below). By September 1993, the BCAT TV Network's Playback service was premiered, allowing any Brooklyn individual, organization, institution, corporation, or entity access to channel time on the BCAT TV Network system.[1] Brooklyn Public Network provides playback time-slots for both weekly and monthly series and non-series programs. Shows are aired in one of two categories: BRIC TV and Brooklyn Free Speech.

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