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Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT TV Network) is the Public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable television network in Brooklyn, New York City, operated owned by BRIC|Arts|Media. BCAT TV Network has four channels on the Time Warner, Cablevision, RCN and Verizon FiOS cable networks, which broadcast community developed television programming. BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn also operates the BCAT Media Center, a community media facility that provides Brooklyn residents with a broad range of media services and support resources. It is also home to the Brooklyn Center for Media Education

History and overview[edit]

The BCAT TV Network was developed by Thomas F. Tafuto of Applied Imagination Inc. and launched on July 1, 1991 (originally named 'BCAT'), as a 24-hour community calendar of non-commercial events and services for Brooklyn residents.[1] Programming of this nature is still allocated in the BCAT TV Network's lineup on the Brooklyn Bulletin Board (see channel listings below). By September 1993, the BCAT TV Network's Playback service was premiered, allowing any Brooklyn individual, organization, institution, corporation, or entity access to channel time on the BCAT TV Network system.[1] BCAT TV Network provides playback time-slots for both weekly and monthly series and non-series programs. Shows are aired in one of two categories: Brooklyn Independent Television and Brooklyn Free Speech TV. BCAT's animated DOG flips around to show the BCAT logo and the logo of either BIT or Free Speech TV (as pictured below) during their respective block of programming. Brooklyn Bulletin Board does not use the animated BCAT DOG with the exception of the Monday-Friday 4pm Hour of Brooklyn Bulletin Board which is simulcasted on BCAT Channels 1-3 and identified on-air as "Brooklyn Bulletin Board TV".

Brooklyn Independent Television[edit]

Brooklyn Independent Television

Brooklyn Independent Television (BIT) is a dozen television programs that cover all things Brooklyn, including public affairs, arts and culture, health and business, and sports and explores more than thirty different Brooklyn neighborhoods. BIT was officially launched by BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn in 2006 in response to strong public demand for more top quality Brooklyn-focused television programming. The BIT initiative serves the people of Brooklyn by providing the only in-depth non-commercial television coverage in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Independent Television airs Mondays-Fridays on BCAT Channel 3 from 12pm-3:30pm & 8pm - 11:30pm.

  • Brooklyn Review (Newsmagazine)

Premiered in August 2000, it is a news magazine focused on Brooklyn.

  • Brooklyn On Site (Events)

Formerly titled BCAT Presents, it includes "on site" coverage of events in Brooklyn.

  • In The Zone (Sports)

Previously named BCAT Sportstalk the program covers sports in Brooklyn.

  • Reporter Roundtable (Current Affairs)

A discussion show which features mainly journalists, scholars and other prominent figures.

  • Brooklyn Elected Officials (Politics)

Locally elected officials interviews other officials and active members of the public.

  • Neighborhood Beat (Brooklyn Communities)

Covers people and events in various Brooklyn communities.

  • HealthBeat Brooklyn (Health)

Covers health issues affecting Brooklynites.

  • Sector B: The Business of Brooklyn (Small Business)

Showcases small businesses and economic activity in Brooklyn.

  • A Date at the Library (Authors/Events)

Interviews from the Brooklyn Public Library's Central Branch.

  • Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn (Arts)

The program profiles professionals in theater, music, and fine arts.

  • BK 4 Reel (Teenagers in Media)

Features videos created by Brooklyn teenagers.

  • Making Art Work (Arts)

Information about the Arts. A collaboration between BCAT and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Brooklyn Free Speech TV[edit]

Brooklyn Free Speech TV

The Brooklyn Free Speech TV brand of programming is cablecasts non-commercial, community-produced programming which airs on BCAT Channels 1-3 either pre-packaged or live. Free Speech TV takes up 90% of BCAT's daily lineup (see below for official BCAT lineup) Every week, over 650 hours of television programming is provided by Brooklyn-based community producers for airtime in the "Free Speech TV" block. Many of the programs featured in the Brooklyn Free Speech TV block are created by BCAT Media Center Certified Community Producers. Certified producers have access to use BCAT-owned equipment and BCAT's state-of-the-art facility free of charge. The programs listed below are produced by third parties, which are responsible for all content, air on BCAT TV under the Brooklyn Free Speech TV umbrella.

  • AMOSTV, website
  • FDTV
  • The Spew
  • Flex-n-Brooklyn
  • Democracy Now!, presented by Amy Goodman
  • GFN Entertainment Show, hosted by Sam Murdock
  • Concrete-TV, a Video mash-up featuring music videos, advertisements, movie clips etc.
  • Dance World USA
  • Local Rock-Vision USA
  • Rohan Video TV
  • Video City
  • Grind Hard TV
  • Soundwave Entertainment
  • Damented Mindz, a comedy improv group.
  • The Neal Alpert Show
  • The Game Show Block Party!
  • Goddesses
  • Tu y Yo, a Spanish community-affairs program
  • The Preston Lopez Show. also seen om MNN
  • The Hambone Show, hosted from the BCAT Studios
  • Paper Tiger Television, website
  • Hardfire, produced by Gary Popkin, website
  • The On da Money show, website
  • Bless Me Video, presented by Andre 'Bless' Smith & Timothy 'VidKid' Smith
  • Word! Urban Music Television
  • The Phyllis Taliaferro Show
  • C.A.C.E International
  • The Danelle Johnson Show
  • Tele-Education
  • African Music Unlimited
  • Beulah Land
  • PAG Maagazine, produced by the People's Advocacy Group
  • Greenvision, an environmental public-affairs program
  • Tele-Kyreol Plus
  • The What TV Show
  • The Crazy Al Cayne Show
  • MMTV
  • Lyme Tyme with Red Carpet Shelly
  • Posse TV
  • Danger Vision
  • Kelly Tv Worldwide

Brooklyn Bulletin Board[edit]

Brooklyn Bulletin Board

The Brooklyn Bulletin Board (also unofficially called BCAT Channel 4 and BBB-TV) is a 24/7 looping posting service for non-profit organizations and services. All postings are free of charge and cablecast on the BCAT TV Network.

The Brooklyn Bulleten Board can be seen on Time Warner Cable Channel 57, iO / Cablevision Channel 70, RCN Channel 85 and FiOS Channel 44

During the off-times and as a place holder for programming on BCAT Channels 1-3 also simulcasts BBB. BBB also featured audio simulcasts local college radio stations of universities based in Brooklyn.

BCAT Schedule[edit]

On Sundays, locally produced religious programming airs during their Free Speech TV blocks across the BCAT Channels.

The Brooklyn Free Speech TV block of programming is locally produced programming produced by either third parties or in-house by BCAT and shows airing within that block is subject to change.

BRIC Arts Media[edit]

BRIC Community Media provides media services, educational classes and mentoring programs that enable Brooklyn residents to produce their own television programs. Upon successful completion of basic courses, students become BCAT Media Center Certified Producers and have access to equipment they've trained on to produce programs for cablecast on Brooklyn Free Speech TV on the BCAT Channels.

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