Brooks Observatory

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Brooks Observatory
Organization University of Toledo
Location Ohio, US
Coordinates 41°39′45″N 83°36′41.6″W / 41.66250°N 83.611556°W / 41.66250; -83.611556Coordinates: 41°39′45″N 83°36′41.6″W / 41.66250°N 83.611556°W / 41.66250; -83.611556
Unnamed 6 inch Refractor
Brooks Observatory is located in the US
Brooks Observatory
Location of Brooks Observatory

Brooks Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the University of Toledo. The observatory is used primarily for public viewing and undergraduate instruction. It hosts an array of small telescopes, the centrepiece of which is a six-inch refractor. It is located on the campus of the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio (USA), occupying the 6th floor of McMaster Hall, home to the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Adjacent to Brooks Observatory is Ritter Observatory, which houses Ritter Planetarium and a one-metre telescope. In contrast to the telescopes at Brooks Observatory, the Ritter telescope is used for graduate and faculty research.

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