Broome Senior High School

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Broome Senior High School
Broome, Western Australia
Coordinates 17°57′22″S 122°13′57″E / 17.9560°S 122.2326°E / -17.9560; 122.2326Coordinates: 17°57′22″S 122°13′57″E / 17.9560°S 122.2326°E / -17.9560; 122.2326
Type Public School
Motto Perseverance and Integrity
Established 1972
Principal Saeed Amin[1]
Enrolment 900 (2015)
Campus Broome

Broome Senior High School is a comprehensive public high school located in Broome, a regional centre 2,240 kilometres (1,392 mi) north east of Perth, Western Australia.

The school was established in 1972 and by 2015 had an enrolment of 900 students between Year 7 and Year 12, approximately 40% of whom were Aboriginal.

The school was initially founded as a district high school in 1972, but in 1990 the senior high school and the primary school separated forming Broome Senior high School.,[2]

In 2008 the school was hit by fire causing over $50,000 in damage,[3] including destroying a transportable classroom.

Enrolments at the school have steadily increased over the past few years with 448 students in 2007, 502 in 2008, 527 in 2009, 511 in 2010, 492 in 2011 and 560 in 2012

Gary Downsborough was the school principal until 2010 when he left and was replaced with Saeed Amin.

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