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Coordinates: 40°43′9.12″N 73°59′38.07″W / 40.7192000°N 73.9939083°W / 40.7192000; -73.9939083

Broome and Elizabeth Streets

Broome Street is an east–west street in Lower Manhattan.[1] It runs nearly the full width of the island, from Hudson Street in the west to Lewis Street in the east. The street is interrupted in a number of places by parks, buildings, and Allen Street's median.[2]

The street is named after John Broome, an early city alderman and lieutenant governor of New York in 1804.[1] The architecture along the street is distinctive for its use of cast iron and is strongly influenced by Griffith Thomas, who designed several buildings along Broome Street, including the Gunther Building.[1]

In the mid-20th century Broome Street was the proposed route for the Lower Manhattan Expressway which would have replaced the street, along with all of the buildings on its north side, with a ten-lane highway.[3]



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