Broomlee Lough

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Broomlee Lough
Dove Crag above Broomlee Lough - - 1440011.jpg
Dove Crag above Broomlee Lough
Broomlee Lough is located in Northumberland
Broomlee Lough
Broomlee Lough
Coordinates55°01′19″N 2°19′44″W / 55.022°N 2.329°W / 55.022; -2.329Coordinates: 55°01′19″N 2°19′44″W / 55.022°N 2.329°W / 55.022; -2.329
Basin countriesEngland

Broomlee Lough is an inland lake in Northumberland, England at the southern edge of Northumberland National Park. The lough lies immediately north of the course of Hadrian's Wall. Old legends portray the lake as a repository of hidden treasure.[1]

Protected species[edit]

The White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes is present in the Lough. The species is in decline in Europe, Great Britain, and in northeast England, and is the only crayfish native to the British Isles. It is likely that crayfish have never been widespread in Northumberland National Park as their preferred habitat of calcareous burns, rivers, and lakes is very limited.[2]

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