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The Brossard City Council (in French: Le conseil municipal de Brossard) is the governing body for the mayor–council government in the city of Brossard, Quebec in the Montérégie region. The council consists of the mayor and ten councillors.

Current Brossard City Council[edit]

  • Doreen Assaad, mayor[1]
  • Christian Gaudette, District 1 councillor, Sectors C-B[1]
  • Michel Gervais, District 2 councillor, Sector B[1]
  • Monique Gagné, District 3 councillor, Sectors A[1]
  • Julie Bénard, District 4 councillor, Sectors P-V[1]
  • Claudio Benedetti, District 5 councillor, Sectors T[1]
  • Sophie Allard, District 6 councillor, Sector S[1]
  • Antoine Assaf, District 7 councillor, Sector R[1]
  • Pierre Jetté, District 8 councillor, Sectors I-N-O[1]
  • Michelle J. Hui, District 9 councillor, Sectors J-L-N-X-Y[1]
  • Sylvie DesGroseilliers, District 10 councillor, Sectors L-M[1]


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