Broth of a Boy

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Broth of a Boy
Broth of a Boy (1959).jpg
Original British quad poster
Directed by George Pollock
Produced by Emmet Dalton
Alec C. Snowden
Written by Blanaid Irvine
Patrick Kirwan
Based on play The Big Birthday by Hugh Leonard[1]
Starring Barry Fitzgerald
June Thorburn
Eddie Golden
Godfrey Quigley
Music by Stanley Black
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey
Edited by Henry Richardson
Emmett Dalton Productions
Distributed by British Lion Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
  • February 1959 (1959-02) (UK)
Running time
77 minutes
Country Ireland
Language English

Broth of a Boy is a 1959 Irish comedy film directed by George Pollock and starring Barry Fitzgerald, Harry Brogan and June Thorburn.[2] A television reporter sets out on a quest to find a very elderly man.


Whilst holidaying in Ireland, British TV producer Randall (Tony Wright) comes across a village celebrating the birthday of the oldest man in the world, Patrick Farrell (Barry Fitzgerald). Thinking Farrell's 110th birthday would make an ideal subject for a BBC documentary, Randall seeks to persuade him to agree to being filmed. However, Farrell proves difficult, is an old codger, cantankerous and disreputable, and will cooperate only if he can exploit the situation for his own ends.


Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times wrote, "Although the idea bristles with lively possibilities and Mr. Fitzgerald and the Abbey Theatre players who surround him do as much as they can with it, "Broth of a Boy" only generates mild chuckles and a guffaw or two";[3] and TV Guide bemoaned the "Bad script, acting, and direction";[4] whereas Allmovie applauded "a pleasant, easygoing satire of exploitive journalism--a target that is as viable today as it was in 1959";[5] and Leonard Maltin also found the film "quietly effective."[6]


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