Brother Martin: Servant of Jesus

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Brother Martin: Servant of Jesus
Poster art
Directed bySpencer Williams
Written bySpencer Williams
StarringSpencer Williams
Distributed bySack Amusement Enterprises
Release date
  • 1942 (1942) (U.S.)
CountryUnited States

Brother Martin: Servant of Jesus (1942) is a race film written and directed by Spencer Williams. The film was produced in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the grounds of St. Monica Catholic Church[1]. It featured an all-black cast and was produced exclusively for exhibition in U.S. cinemas serving African American communities. It was among a number of religious-themed feature films created by Williams during the 1940s, who also wrote and directed The Blood of Jesus (1941) and Go Down, Death! (1944).[2]

Preservation status[edit]

No archive or private collection is known to have a print of Brother Martin: Servant of Jesus, and it is now believed to be a lost film.[3]

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