Brotherhood of Lost Dogs

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Brotherhood of Lost Dogs was a short-lived band formed in mid-2004 by former Eve 6 frontman Max Collins, Brian Young of Fountains of Wayne and The Posies, and Joe "Bass" Howard formerly of The Posies. The group was disbanded around May 2005 without ever releasing any recorded material. Beginning in June 2005, Max Collins teamed up with former Eve 6 drummer/vocalist Tony Fagenson to start a new project, tentatively titled The Sugi Tap. The Sugi Tap was also short lived. Eventually, Collins joined back up with Fagenson and a new band member, Matt Bair, to reform Eve 6. Jon Siebels of the original Eve 6 originally decided not to return because he was committed to his new band, Monsters are Waiting. However, after leaving Monsters are Waiting, Jon once again reunited with the other members of Eve 6.

The Internet home of the band,, is no longer managed by anyone related to the band and was automatically registered by Domibot.

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