Brotherhood of the Wolf (novel)

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Brotherhood of the Wolf
The Runelands Brotherhood of the Wolf Cover.jpg
US Hardcover Edition
Author David Farland
Cover artist Darrell K. Sweet
Country United States
Language English
Series The Runelords
Genre Epic fantasy
Publisher Tor Fantasy
Publication date
May 1999
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 480
ISBN 0-312-86742-5
OCLC 40940214
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3556.A71558 B7 1999
Preceded by The Sum of All Men
Followed by Wizardborn

Brotherhood of the Wolf is the second novel in David Farland's epic fantasy series The Runelords.

Plot introduction[edit]

Brotherhood of the Wolf is an epic fantasy novel set in a land where men can bestow to each other a number of endowments, granting the recipient of the endowment attributes such as increased strength, a more acute sense of hearing, or better eyesight. The novel combines traditional sword and sorcery elements of fantasy with its own unique magic system of endowments.

Book divisions[edit]

  • Book 6: Day 30 in the Month of Harvest - A Day of Choices
  • Book 7: Day 31 in the Month of Harvest - A Day Without Choice
  • Book 8: Day 1 in the Month of Leaves - A Day of Desolation

Plot summary[edit]

Newly crowned by the Earth, Gaborn struggles to understand his new powers and responsibilities in protecting the land, while Raj Ahten wreaks havoc on the Mystarrian countryside in an attempt to lure the new King Orden back to his own country. Soldiers and knights equitable of various nations begin arriving at Castle Sylvarresta, to see if the rumors of the rise of a new Earth King are true.

Meanwhile, a second story line is brewing. Roland Borenson, father to Gaborn's bodyguard Ivarian Borenson, awakens after the death of his Runelord, King Mendellas Draken Orden. He unites with a man known as Baron Poll as they travel through Mystarria when suddenly they encounter a young messenger girl named Averan and a mysterious green woman. After hearing news of a Reaver uprising, the group heads towards the walled city of Carris with haste.

As word of the Reavers reaches Gaborn, he gathers the amassed troops of Heredon, Orwynne, and Fleeds and heads towards Carris with his host. Sir Borenson he sends to Indhopal on a mission of peace to seek out Raj Ahten's love, Saffira, to see if she can convince her lover to end his war on the kingdoms of Rofehavan. As Gaborn and his army travel towards Carris, they are attacked by a Darkling Glory, summoned from the ashes of a town destroyed by the Wolf Lord Raj Ahten. The Darkling Glory ignores Gaborn and heads swiftly to Castle Sylvarresta, seeking Gaborn's unborn child growing in Iome's womb. In a miraculous display of marksmanship, Myrrima Borenson slays the Darkling Glory with a single arrow to its eye. Iome, Myrrima, and Binnesman then rejoin Gaborn and continue towards Carris.

Meanwhile, Roland Borenson and Baron Poll have reached Carris, which is overflowing with men guarding the city against the approaching forces of Raj Ahten. But when word of the Reavers reaches the city, Raj Ahten and his men are accepted into the city, as all realize that the best chance of survival against the Reavers is to join forces behind the immense walls of Carris. Averan and Spring, the green woman, follow their own path, Averan discovering that she has strange earth powers. When Spring kills a Reaver, Averan eats from the Reaver's brain and gains its memories.

At the break of dawn, the Reavers attack Carris, at the same time drawing a Seal of Desolation which begins to rot the countryside for miles around. An epic battle rages around the city, with the combined forces of mankind doing all they can to stave off the Reaver assault. When Saffira arrives with Borenson, the power of her voice causes the populace of Carris to surge forth for one last counterattack against the Reavers, but she is slain before Raj Ahten can save her. It is at this time that Gaborn and his mounted knights arrive at Carris and enter the battle, along with Spring, who is Binnesman's wylde, the warrior of the Earth. Only when Gaborn uses his earth powers to destroy the Reaver Fell Mage and the Seal of Desolation, by summoning a world worm, does the battle end, causing the Reavers to flee.

At the end of the battle, Raj Ahten castrates Sir Borenson for his role in Saffira's death, and when Gaborn uses his Earth powers to attempt to kill Raj Ahten, now one of his Chosen, the Earth greatly reduces Gaborn's newfound powers. Gaborn and his party leave Raj Alten and retire north. Averan consumes the brains of the Reaver Fell Mage and learns their true purpose in their assault, to destroy all the blood metal in the ground near Carris. In the aftermath of battle, Myrrima and a group of lords and Knights Equitable swear fealty to the Earth and to mankind, forming the Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Main characters[edit]

  • Gaborn Val Orden
  • Iome Sylvarresta
  • Raj Ahten
  • Averan
  • Binnesman
  • Spring
  • Ivarian Borenson
  • Myrrima Borenson
  • Roland Borenson
  • Baron Poll
  • Saffira
  • Duke Paldane
  • Erin Connal
  • Prince Celinor
  • High Marshal Skalbairn