Brouay War Cemetery

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Brouay War Cemetery
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Brouay War Cemetery -7.JPG
Brouay war cemetery adjacent to Brouay Church
For Operation Overlord
Location49°12′53″N 0°33′43″W / 49.2148°N 0.5619°W / 49.2148; -0.5619Coordinates: 49°12′53″N 0°33′43″W / 49.2148°N 0.5619°W / 49.2148; -0.5619
Brouay, Calvados, France
Designed byPhilip D. Hepworth
Total burials370
Unknown burials7
Burials by nation
Burials by war
Statistics source: Cemetery details. Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Brouay War Cemetery is a Second World War cemetery of Commonwealth soldiers in France, located between Caen and Bayeux, Normandy. The cemetery contains 377 graves, of which 7 are unidentified.[1] The cemetery is adjacent to the commune's graveyard.


During the Allies push out of the Normandy bridgeheads, a key target was the taking of Caen. The majority of those interred in the cemetery were killed in heavy fighting in late June and July 1944 as the Allies encircled Caen (Operation Epsom, Operation Jupiter and Operation Spring).


The cemetery is midway between Bayeux and Caen, in the Calvados department, on the Route d'Audrieu (D.94). It is located 3.25 kilometres southeast of Bayeux. Access is via some steps at the eastern corner of Brouay Church.


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