Brougham Place

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Brougham Place
South Australia
Brougham Gardens, North Adelaide, Australia, Eastern End in 1910.jpg
Eastern end in 1910
General information
Type Street
Location North Adelaide
Maintained by City of Adelaide
Ring road around Brougham Gardens
32 Brougham Place
39 Brougham Place
45 Brougham Place

Brougham Place is a street lined with large mansions set in landscaped grounds in the Adelaide suburb of North Adelaide, South Australia. It surrounds Brougham Gardens, (Park 29 of the Adelaide Park Lands), that joins the three grids that comprise North Adelaide. It was named after Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux. He was a staunch supporter of the 1832 Reform Act and the passing of this Act led to the third and successful attempt to found a colony in SA in 1834.[1]

Brougham Place starts and finishes at its intersection with LeFevre Terrace and Stanley Street and runs anti-clockwise around Brougham Gardens.[2] Like other streets in the City of Adelaide with properties only along one side, numbering is sequential from 1 to 228.

Institutions and heritage listed buildings along Brougham Place include [3]

Number Name Heritage listing Notes
LeFevre Terrace
5-7 Private dwelling. Built in 1907 for Sir Charles Henry Goode State - File No. 13537 [4]
9 Taylor House (private dwelling) State - File No.15536 [5]
24 St. Margarets National
32 Former Baker family dwelling, now the Federation House of Lincoln College State
35-37 Former dwelling now part of Lincoln College State
39 Former Rymill family dwelling now the Whitehead Building of Lincoln College State - File No.13611 [6]
45 Former Milne family dwelling now the Administration Building of Lincoln College State - File No.13610 [7]
49 Brougham House (private dwelling) State
King William Road / O'Connell Street
62 Site of the former Hotel Australia
71-74 Belmont, former Masonic Hall National
75-78 Kingsmead House (private dwelling) National
80 South Australian office of the Australian Medical Association
Palmer Place
King William Road
137-160 Women's and Children's Hospital
Sir Edwin Smith Avenue / Melbourne Street
187-191 St. Ann's College Local
193 Brougham Place Uniting Church, formerly North Adelaide Congregational Church National
210 Former hall of North Adelaide Congregational Church (private dwelling) State
222 Private dwelling National
225 Private dwelling State

Brougham Court[edit]

Brougham Court (formerly Bower Street) is located off Brougham Place between 95 and 96. It contains the national heritage Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, built in 1843 at 21-29, now a private dwelling [8]

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Coordinates: 34°54′35″S 138°35′57″E / 34.90986°S 138.59910°E / -34.90986; 138.59910