Broughton Island (British Columbia)

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Broughton Island is an island in the Broughton Archipelago of the Queen Charlotte Strait area of the Central Coast of British Columbia, located northwest of Gilford Island.[1] \

Broughton Lagoon is a shallow inlet on the north side of Broughton Island,[2] located at 50°50′02″N 126°41′40″W / 50.83389°N 126.69444°W / 50.83389; -126.69444 (Broughton Lagoon)

To the north of Broughton Island is North Broughton Island.[3]

Name origin[edit]

Broughton Island and the Broughton Archipelago, and Broughton Strait nearby, were all named in 1792 by Captain George Vancouver, for Commander William Robert Broughton, captain of the HMS Chatham during his first tenure in British Columbia, and thereafter upon his return to the British Columbia Coast, of the HMS Providence. HMS Discovery, Vancouver's ship, and HMS Chatham under Broughton were anchored off the south shore of this island on July 28, 1792.[4]

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Coordinates: 50°48′42″N 126°43′45″W / 50.81167°N 126.72917°W / 50.81167; -126.72917 (Broughton Island)