Browary Lubelskie

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Type Beer
Country of origin Poland
Introduced 1846
Alcohol by volume 6.0 %

Browary Lubelskie is a Polish brewery situated in the Lublin Region. It was founded in 1844 in the abandoned ruins of the monastery of the Reforming Fathers by businessman Karol Rudolf Vetter for 5000 zł. In 1846 the brewery began brewing a Bavarian-style beer using bottom fermenting technology, which allows for easy transport, thus expanding the market beyond the region’s borders. The brewery was originally powered by a twin horse-powered turbines. In 1881 the horses were replaced by steam engines. The second brewery was opened in 1914 by Hersz Jojna Zylber, a member of one of the wealthiest Lublin families, but production was halted by WWI, the stalls during the inter-war period and then during WWII Zylber and his family are deported to a ghetto. Only Zylber’s son survives, who after the liberation, takes the name Stefan Jankowski. Both breweries are nationalized by the new Communist State. In 1992 the company is privatized and becomes a joint stock company. In 2001, the brewing operations are moved to the second site and the first site becomes an corporate headquarter.[1] In 2014, the company changes its name to Perła - Browary Lubelskie S.A (Perla -LublinBreweries).

Perła currently owns two breweries (one in Lublin and one in Zwierzyniec). It is available in UK, US, Germany and Australia. It is the largest independent brewery in Poamnd.[2] Perla (Pils 5% ABV) was awarded a Bronze Medal at the International Beer Challenge BC 2010 awards in UK.


  • Perła Chmielowa (the main brand)
  • Perła Niepasteryzowana
  • Perła Export
  • Perła Mocna
  • Zwierzyniec
  • Goolman
  • Goolman Strong
  • Goolman Gold
  • Carmèll


The bottles are typically green with a label that prominently features the green-and-red coat of arms of Lublin that features a white goat.


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Coordinates: 51°14′37″N 22°34′03″E / 51.2436°N 22.5676°E / 51.2436; 22.5676