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A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament
Author Francis Brown, Samuel Rolles Driver, Charles Augustus Briggs
Country England
Language English
Subject LCC AG
Genre Reference
Publication date
Pages 1185
ISBN 1-56563-206-0
OCLC 13518063

A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, more commonly known as Brown–Driver–Briggs or BDB (from the name of its three authors) is a standard reference for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, first published in 1906. It is organized by (Hebrew) alphabetical order of three letter roots. It was based on the Hebrew-German lexicon of Wilhelm Gesenius, translated by Edward Robinson. The chief editor was Francis Brown, with the co-operation of Samuel Rolles Driver and Charles Augustus Briggs, hence the name Brown–Driver–Briggs. Some modern printings have added the Strong's reference numbers for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic words.

Renowned semitists Jo Ann Hackett and John Huehnergard are currently in the process of creating a revision of BDB that incorporates contemporary scholarship.[1]


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