Brown's Railroad Station

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The depot at Brown's Station

Brown's Station, MP 15.8, was one of the pre-fabricated stations that was built for the Ulster and Delaware Railroad in the early 1900s, this on being constructed in 1900, the same year the railroad got to Oneonta. This was one of the stations that was located in the Ashokan Valley, and served the small town of Brown's Station, New York, which is now underwater

This station was moved twice, and the first time it was moved, it went to Ashokan afterit's original town was sunk during the making of the Ashokan Reservoir. But before that, it was a major stop for concrete and other materials used to construct the Ashokan Reservoir. There was also a siding for the McArthur Brothers Company. But after the construction of the reservoir, the station was moved to Ashokan.

It went through an average life of business until the end of passenger service on the U&D in 1954, when it was abandoned. It was then moved to Woodstock in the 1970s, and it was in poor condition. It was restored, and had a tower and a portico added.


Coordinates: 41°56′56″N 74°12′42″W / 41.94889°N 74.21167°W / 41.94889; -74.21167