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Elliott Brown Bannister III[1] (born August 15, 1951) is a contemporary Christian music (CCM) producer and songwriter.


Bannister released one album of his own, Talk to One Another, in 1981 on NewPax Records.[2] It was reissued on the Reunion Records label five years later, featuring a newer recording of the album's final cut, "Create in Me a Clean Heart". The original NewPax version featured Ed DeGarmo on the Hammond B3 organ; the 1986 version featured Amy Grant and her then husband Gary Chapman on vocals. The 1986 version was released as a radio single and gained moderate airplay in some markets.[2]

Bannister is best known for his work in the audio engineering, recording, and production industry. He formed his own independent label, Vireo Records, in 1991. Bannister has won 25 Dove Awards and 14 Grammy awards.[3] He also was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He has written many songs, notably for Amy Grant. Bannister also taught Grant in his Sunday School class at Belmont Church of Christ.[4]

Bannister, born in Topeka, Kansas,[5][6] is a 1975 graduate of Abilene Christian University. His daughters are Ellie Holcomb and Caroline (Carly) Blair Bannister.[7]

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Bannister has produced or engineered works for the following artists:


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