Brown Cow (yogurt)

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Brown Cow
Brown Cow logo
Product type Yogurt
Owner Stonyfield Farm
Country United States
Introduced 1975

Brown Cow is an American brand of yogurt produced in Antioch, California.[1] The company offers a range of "cream top" yogurt—when the milk used to make yogurt has not been homogenized, a layer of cream rises to the top, forming a rich yogurt cream.[2]

Brown Cow yogurt claims to contain all-natural ingredients, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives,[2] and uses only milk from cows who were not treated with artificial growth hormones.


Brown Cow was founded in 1975, on a small family farm in Ithaca, NY.[1] "Lily" was the name of the original brown cow from whom the company took its name.[1] In 1989, Brown Cow moved to California.[1] Later, in 2003, Stonyfield Farm, which is largely owned by Danone,[3] acquired Brown Cow.[4][5]


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