Brown Rice and Kerosine

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Brown Rice and Kerosine
Studio album by Redgum
Released 1981
Recorded Music Farm Studios
Genre Folk,
Label Epic
Redgum chronology
Virgin Ground
'Brown Rice and Kerosene'
'Cut to the Quick'

Brown Rice and Kerosine is the third album by Australian folk-rock group Redgum.[1] The title is taken from the first track, and the album was released around the time Redgum changed from a part-time band to a full-time job for its members.[2]

"100 Years On" was released as a single.[3] As noted on a sticker on the cover, the song "Liberal Values" was to have been included on the album but was removed for legal reasons.[4] "Liberal Values" is not currently available anywhere.

It was originally released as a record and was very briefly available on CD in the late 80s. Some tracks were included on the 2004 collection Against the Grain.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 100 Years On (J. Schumann)
  2. Lear Jets Over Kulgera (M. Atkinson)
  3. Caught in the Act (M. Atkinson/J. Schumann/V. Truman/C. Timms)
  4. Yarralumla Wine (M. Atkinson)
  5. Where Ya Gonna Run To (J. Schumann)
  6. Brown Rice and Kerosine (M. Atkinson)
  7. The Federal Two-Ring Circus (M. Atkinson)
  8. Your O.S. Trip (M. Atkinson)
  9. The Last Frontier (J. Schumann)
  10. Parramatta Gaol 1843 (M. Atkinson/V. Truman)


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