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Brown University traditions hold that two songs, "Alma Mater" and "Ever True to Brown" are sung at public events and gatherings related to the university. The traditional alma mater song, "Old Brown," was created in 1860 and "Ever True to Brown," the second school fight song, was written by Donald Jackson (Class of 1909).[1] The song is played by the Brown Band at major varsity athletic events and at formal events such as Convocation and Commencement. An unofficial version offers humorous alternative lyrics.[2]

"Alma Mater"[edit]

Brown University's traditional alma mater was written by James Andrews DeWolf (Class of 1861) in 1860. He titled it "Old Brown" and set it to the tune of Araby's Daughter. This tune was later known as The Old Oaken Bucket.[3] In 1869, the song was renamed "Alma Mater," after the incipit.[4]


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