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Brown & Haley factory, Tacoma.

Brown and Haley is a candy maker and distributor located in Tacoma, Washington, founded in 1914 by Harry Brown and J.C. Haley. They are perhaps best known for their signature product, Almond Roca, invented in 1923.

Brown owned a small confectionery store and Haley worked for a spice company. They met at church in 1908 and started the business together in 1914[1] as the Oriole Candy Company[2]. They changed the name to Brown and Haley in 1919.[2]

The Company makes a variety of other chocolates, including three flavors of Mountain Bar, originally called the Mount Tacoma Bar launched in 1915.[3]

Frank C. Mars, who went on to successfully found the Mars chocolate company in Minneapolis, originally started his business in Tacoma but left due to the stiff competition from Brown and Haley who were a better established local competitor.[4]

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