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Brownshill Green is a small suburb in the north-west of Coventry, adjacent to the suburbs of Keresley and Coundon. It is bordered on its north side by the northern boundary of Coventry and the village of Corley. Its main thoroughfare is Brownshill Green Road, which runs from its junction with Coundon Wedge Drive in the north to join Keresley Road in the south.

Brownshill Green is a semi-rural residential area with much housing taking the form of traditional 20th century terrace or semi-detached styles. Nearby schools are generally regarded as being in the suburbs of Keresley (Keresley Grange Primary School) or Coundon (Coundon Court School). The area is also known for being the home of a large and well-established garden centre.

In keeping with the semi-rural nature of the area, the speed limit on several main roads is 40mph rather than the usual 30mph found in built-up residential areas. However, a combination of the lack of a direct bus service and the proximity of classified roads in the area means that traffic is often much slower than this, particularly during the rush hour.

Coordinates: 52°26′28″N 1°33′04″W / 52.441°N 1.551°W / 52.441; -1.551