Brownsville – Veterans Port of Entry

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Brownsville Veterans Port of Entry
Brownsville Veterans Bridge Border Inspection Station.jpg
Brownsville Veterans Border Inspection Station
Country United States
Location 3300 S. Expressway77/83, Brownsville, Texas 78521
Coordinates 25°53′20″N 97°28′33″W / 25.889014°N 97.475746°W / 25.889014; -97.475746
Opened 1999
Phone (956) 983-5620
Hours 6:00am - Midnight
Exit Port Matamoros
2005 Cars 2,000,000
2005 Trucks 192,000
Pedestrians 100,000

The Brownsville Veterans Port of Entry opened in 1999 with the completion of the Veterans International Bridge at Los Tomates. The bridge was built primarily to divert commercial freight traffic away from the busy downtown bridges, but about a third of the passenger vehicles also cross at this point.[1] The Veterans Port of Entry is the easternmost US-Mexico border crossing, and is by far the newest of the three crossings between Brownsville and Matamoros.


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