Broxden Junction

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Coordinates: 56°23′17″N 3°29′14″W / 56.388063°N 3.487129°W / 56.388063; -3.487129

Diagram of Broxden Junction

Broxden Junction (or Broxden Roundabout) is one of the busier and more important road junctions in Scotland. It is located on the outskirts of Perth. The roundabout is an important hub of the Scottish road network, a major junction on the A9 north-south route, and the UK's northernmost motorway junction, being junction 12 of the M90 motorway.[1][2] All of the seven cities in Scotland are signposted from its exits.

Broxden is an interchange for several local bus and long-distance coach services; it is the central point for the Megabus coach service in Scotland.[3] There is a park and ride area with a bus service to Perth city centre.

The roundabout was originally designed with the future intention of connecting the northbound A9 and the M90, with the roundabout being replaced by a grade separated junction, and in 2008 Transport Scotland published proposals for the dualling of the A9 between Dunblane and Inverness including the replacement of Broxden Junction with a flyover.[4]

Exits and Principal Destinations (cities in bold)[edit]

North West

North East

South East

South West


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