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Broye 2003-05-05.jpg
The Broye in Salavaux.
Native name La Broye
Country Switzerland
Basin features
Main source Semsales (FR)
River mouth Lake Neuchâtel
Basin size 850 km2 (330 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 68 km (42 mi)

The Broye (Arpitan: About this sound Brouye [1]) is a 68 km long river, in the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud, in Switzerland. It has a watershed area of 850 km².


Its source is located in Semsales, in the Swiss Prealps, south-west of Bulle. It flows first south-west along the Prealps and turns north after 10 km. The direction of the river changes again near Moudon to the north-east. From Payerne, the Broye is running in a large and agricultural valley. The river flows into Lake Morat first, and then into Lake Neuchâtel through the Broye canal (French: Canal de la Broye)

List of Tributaries[edit]

  • The Petite Glâne
  • The Bressonne
  • The Lembe
  • The Arbogne


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Coordinates: 46°55′N 7°02′E / 46.917°N 7.033°E / 46.917; 7.033