Bruce (crater)

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Bruce crater 4102 h1.jpg
Lunar Orbiter 4 image
(White blemish is present on original image)
Coordinates 1°06′N 0°24′E / 1.1°N 0.4°E / 1.1; 0.4Coordinates: 1°06′N 0°24′E / 1.1°N 0.4°E / 1.1; 0.4
Diameter 6.7 km
Depth 1.3 km
Colongitude 0° at sunrise
Eponym Catherine W. Bruce
View facing west from Lunar Orbiter 3
Oblique view facing west with Bruce at center and Blagg below center, from Apollo 10

Bruce is a small lunar impact crater located in the Sinus Medii. It lies to the west-northwest of the irregular crater Rhaeticus, and is about 33 km to the west of the even smaller Blagg.

This feature is circular and cup-shaped, with no notable impacts overlaying the rim or interior. The interior has a generally higher albedo than the surrounding terrain, but there is a band of darker material cross the midpoint of the crater from west to east. It is surrounded by lunar mare, with a few tiny craterlets in the surface to the east.

Less than forty kilometres to the south-southeast is the original point of the selenographic coordinate system. From the floor of this crater the Earth always appears at the zenith. Both the Surveyor 4 and Surveyor 6 probes landed about 50 km to the west-southwest of Bruce.