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George Henry Bruce Blunt, otherwise known as Bruce Blunt (1 July 1899[1] – 8 July 1957[2])[3] was an English poet, journalist and wine merchant best known for his collaborations with the composer Peter Warlock.[4] In Frederick Delius and Peter Warlock: a friendship revealed he is described as a "bon viveur, poet, journalist, and writer on wine, gardening, and the turf."[5] His poetry is included in the 1932 anthology Modern Poets edited by J. C. Squire.

For Warlock he wrote a number of short song texts including the carol "Bethlehem Down" (1927) and the songs "The Fox", "The Frostbound Wood" (1929), "The First Mercy" and "The Cricketers of Hambledon" (1928).[6] It has been commented that Warlock's settings of Blunt are amongst his finest.[5] His poem "The Long Barrow" was also set by Bernard van Dieren in 1931.[7]


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