Bruce Coville

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Bruce Coville
Bruce Coville.jpg
Coville in 2007
Born Bruce Farrington Coville
(1950-05-16) May 16, 1950 (age 67)
Syracuse, New York, U.S.
Occupation Novelist
Language English
Nationality United States
Genre Young adult fiction
Years active 1977–present
Spouse Katherine (née Dietz)
Children 3

Bruce Farrington[1] Coville (/kvl/,[1] born May 16, 1950) is an author of young adult fiction. Enraptured with reading novels at a young age, Coville was first published in 1977 and has over 100 books in his repertoire.


Coville was born on May 16, 1950 in Syracuse, New York,[2] where he resides to this day.[3] Bruce Coville's father (born Arthur Farrington) was adopted by his aunt, where he adopted her surname of Coville.[1] Growing up in what he called "farm country", Coville realized his bisexuality in his teens.[4] While waiting to publish his first novel, Coville was employed in a number of professions including toymaker, gravedigger, cookware salesman, assembly line worker, and elementary school teacher working with second and fourth graders.[2] Coville is wed to Katherine née Dietz (married when Coville was nineteen), and the two of them have three children: "a son, Orion, born in 1970; a daughter, Cara, born in 1975; and another son, Adam, born in 1981."[2]


Coville began his love of books as a child, reading "Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, and zillions of comic books". He read "books that made [him] laugh, but also made [him] shiver in terror." Wanting to impart those sorts of feeling to others is what spurred his love of writing. Coville knew he wanted to be a writer by his mid-teens, and by age 19 he "never looked back."[2][5] His first novel, The Foolish Giant, was published in 1977.[5]

With no set paradigm for writing, Coville has successfully tried everything from writing from a strict outline to "writing from the seat of my pants." As of 2015, he uses what he calls an "ever-expanding outline" where he outlines the beginning and end of a novel, and works to fill in the middle later.[5]

Coville has written over 100 books for young adults,[3] with translations in over a dozen languages.[6] He has said that even with over 100 books under his belt, it gets harder and harder to write each successive book; he's concerned with living up to the work already written as well as not repeating himself.[5]

Coville is also the co-founder of Full Cast Audio, an audiobook company devoted to recording full-cast, unabridged copies of young adult fiction.[6]


In 2012, Coville was the 23rd recipient of the "Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People" as awarded by the New York Library Association.[3]



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